Welcome to the Guitar Doctor Delivered website. We are a guitar setup and repair service that is conveniently delivered to your door. Our goal is to provide our clientele with superior service and make your guitar feel and sound like the instrument of your dreams. Our company policy is to satisfy the customer.

We here at Guitar Doctor Delivered believe that the key to a great sounding guitar is a great setup. ‘Guitar Player’ says that “players must have far better set up instruments than in the old days when you used to hear excuses like, ‘My strings are too high,’ or, ‘It won’t play in tune,’ every time someone missed a lick. Today’s [guitar] styles call for a comfortable action, well-dressed frets that eliminate buzz, and proper intonation. This type of setup work is usually performed by qualified repairmen after the sale. It depends on personal choice and can take several hours to do properly. A good setup man is usually a good player who gets lots of work by word of mouth. Never be surprised if it takes more than one trip to even the best of repairmen to get the feel that you’re after; in the old days, players would get rid of guitar after guitar simply for lack of the proper setup specialist.” We have the best…. And delivered right to your door.

Please peruse our website where you will find pricing guides and services, helpful repair articles, and information about the company and its human resources. Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery of repair work; please stop by often as we will update the site regularly. And don’t forget to sign up for our regular newsletter that we send out dedicated to maintaining your instrument.

Satisfied customer quotes:

“The Tele and Strat are better than ever.”
- Jeff D.

 I'm playing [my Ibanez acoustic] now and it's doing great.  No buzz for miles around…”
- Noah T.

“Skye keeps my guitars set up so well that I could walk through the desert, then through the snow and they would still be in tune. I exaggerate my point, but you get the picture.”
- Roberta Smith of the band Disintegration