Skye Taylor
Has an extensive background in stringed instrument repair that started with the viola when he was 10 years old. As the 1st chair violist of the school orchestra and winner of many school sight reading contests, Skye accidentally dropped his instrument and the sound post popped out. The young budding musician with the mind of an engineer spent two days trying to figure out ways to manipulate the post through the f holes. Many bent coat hangers and broken rubber bands later, he achieved success and has been fascinated by the inner workings of the musical instrument ever since.

A year later, Skye began playing acoustic guitar and then, shortly after that, electric as well. Besides apprenticing under his grandfather, an artist and engineer himself, he also received instruction from Johnny at Johnny’s Guitars in Lawrenceville and accomplished Nashville session player, Tommy Knight. It was while playing an old Ibanez S series of Tommy’s - nearly identical to the model that Skye owned – that he began his lessons in good setup.

Since then, Skye has maintained and repaired his own collection of guitars and, in the past 10 years, repaired, modified, and maintained countless instruments as he gained a loyal client base of local artists that he has acquired from word of mouth. His work speaks for itself and most of his customers won’t trust anyone else to service their instruments. He has worked with musicians from bands such as Hollywood Holocaust, Primer55, Oktober, Bible Belt Byproduct, and Tifany Lee, His personal creed is to satisfy the customer to the fullest and stands behind every instrument he repairs.


Tifany Lee
Is a local singer-songwriter/entrepreneur who, convinced by the elegant setup of her guitars - a Simon and Patrick C6, a Fender Strat, a Gibson SG, and a Breedlove - used her connections in the local music scene to provide her peers with a superior musical service while placing the ultimate guitar player in his dream of spending his life with guitars. She acts as secretary and scheduler, CEO and delivery girl for Guitar Doctor Delivered.