Superior Service
You want your playing experience to be as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, but by selecting a quality instrument you have only won half of that battle. Your weapon of choice has to be in top working condition, and set up to compliment YOUR playing style. There is no factory set up in existence that will please all players, and many a fine guitar has been passed over, sold, or traded due to that fact.

At Guitar Doctor Delivered we aim to heal the wounds inflicted when you and your guitar are trying to speak different languages. We are not only a repair service, that can fix a damaged guitar and return it to pristine condition, or upgrade from stock into your own custom hot rod axe. We act as a translator, "teaching" your guitar to speak YOUR language, giving you the confidence and thrill of knowing that when you speak through your guitar, your voice will be heard loud and clear.

Premium Delivery Service
By coming to you for basic repair services and set ups, we are able to do the work, and get your guitar in your hands the same day. As we all know, guitars are made of wood, and wood is very susceptible to environmental changes. Whenever you travel anywhere with your guitar, the differences in humidity, temperature, and many other variables cause tops to swell, glues to loosen, necks to curve, fingerboards to shrink and so on. It can take up to 24 hours after your guitar changes locations just for it to settle down and behave. In a guitar repair shop this means that many repairs and adjustments that can be completed in only a couple hours time, take days or weeks to finish. You can't even begin to evaluate the guitar enough to make adjustments for 24 hours. And by then the repairman is often distracted by other jobs, and the guitar sits idle in it's case for any number of days, just waiting for it's two hours on the bench and eventual return to it's owner.

We avoid this problem with our delivery service. A simple set up should take a couple hours, not days! By coming to you the guitar never gets the shock of traveling. It can be properly assessed immediately, and any adjustments needed can be done on the spot. We also monitor the guitars environment for proper temperature and humidity while repairs are being made. This free service will help many an owner to prevent costly repairs and ghastly damage to a cherished instrument.

We offer many other services, this list only includes some of the most common repairs. All prices listed are approximate and subject to change.

Premium Delivery Service


Basic set up


Floyd Rose set up


12 string set up


Bone nut or saddle


12 string nut


Fret dressing


Electronics troubleshooting


Electrical component maintenance


Electrical component replacement


Wax potting


Cavity shielding


Complete standard guitar rewire


Hollow body install surcharge


Acoustic top crack repair


Solid body and peg head / neck breaks


Acoustic bridge replacement


Loose bracing


Evaluation / appraisal only


Clean only